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    It has been ages since I updated this webpage, not Ultamatix however; it has "grown" with in Ultimate Edition.  I felt why should other users suffer and not have access to this amazing tool. There are huge advancements over the old Ultamatix 1.8.0-3, please view the thread for current changelog.

    What is Ultamatix?  I would like to start off by saying the software if you so choose to install is based off “Automatix”, but sold out to pioneer linux so no such thing anymore.  I picked up the source and began continuing development.  I love GPL.

Only the current no full changelog will be viewed here:

ultamatix-1.8.8 unstable; urgency=low

  • Changed version numbering to comply with debian standards
  • Added support for Linux Mint Gloria – thanks beta testers
  • Added support for Debian Lenny
  • Added Ultimate Edition 2.4 theme pack – beta this is for testing purposes it will set gdm etc.
  • Added Ultimate Edition 2.3 theme pack (striped setting GDM etc from the deb)
  • Added Cinelerra advanced video editor
  • Added Play on Linux
  • Added Entagged advanced MP3 tagger
  • Added Gmount ISO CD / DVD mounter
  • Added Fslint duplicate file finder
  • Fixed Flashplayer functionality
  • Added Hardware section, who knows where I will go with this
  • Added Ultimate G15 Toys for © Logitech G15 and G19 Keyboards many written / compiled by me
  • Started writing code to totally replace bash portion and set solid python, using synaptec as the frontend.
  • Uploaded debian based RTCW to the repo and re-wrote the routine
  • Added debian based True Combat Elite
  • Added Phatch batch image processor
  • Added Ultimate Edition Halloween theme
  • Fixed Java plugin routine now repo based
  • Added Azenis Theme Pack
  • Removed Vdrift – Discontinued
  • Added Backintime backup software thanks Amir

    I am going to be forthcoming in letting you know in my opinion is flawless in both Ultimate Edition 1.8+ x86 / x64 as well as the Gamers edition of the same, also x86 based.  Some of my Admins / mods & beta testers have tested it, but not all computers are the same.  Please read the next line…

This is intended to run on Ultimate Edition 1.8+ / UBUNTU 8.04+ / Debian (untested).

    It does have the following O/S support, but please use at your own risk Gutsy, Hardy, Intrepid, Jaunty (fully tested), Sid, Karmic (only initially tested).  It has now been installed on a freshly installed Jaunty Jackalope (amd64 & x86), Ultamatix installed 138 of the 143 applications / games listed below, the other 5 that remained specify (32 bit only), or are broken and have bugs filed against them.  Please have a look at the screencast below & note that it is the un-install tab that I display.

Ultamatix 1.8.0-7 (after 138 programs have installed):

Youtube High Definition

    Unlike previous versions of Ultamatix the -7 release gets about 99% of it’s software from repositories (also now grabs GPG keys), this helps prevent breakage.  I would like your input both good as well as bad, this helps me to make the best O/S as well as software that I can.  Please feel free to post comments, opinions or suggestions on our forum.

What it is:

  • Software installation where it does not exist (repo / license / 0 user knowledge required)
  • Choice of free software or otherwise.
  • Automation of the above
  • Choice of what you would like installed (you build your own O/S)

What it is not:

  • Software that accepts the license agreement for you.

What it has (143 applications / games):

  • Ultimate Edition 2.3 theme pack beta – this is for testing purposes
  • Ultimate Edition .0.0.7 theme pack
  • Amarok 1.4 Fast Forward PPA and Amarok 2 Nightly build they can run side by side
  • Open Office 3
  • Ultimate Edition 2.1 theme pack
  • Xmas Edition Theme Pack
  • Lanshark – Easy networking tool
  • XBMC Media Center
  • libdvdcss2 – DVD Decryption library
  • Vuze (Azureus) P2P file sharing app
  • Audacious music player
  • Realplayer browser plugin support
  • Torcs game
  • Volleyball game
  • S.C.O.R.G.E game
  • Oolite game
  • GL-117 game
  • Gtk atlantic game
  • Netpanzer game
  • Nethack game
  • Blob and conquer game
  • Google Gadgets
  • Ubuntu Studio Environment
  • K3b burning software
  • Ultimate Edition 2.2 theme Pack
  • PPA repo driven compiz fusion (latest and greatest)
  • Moaning Goat Meter (MGM)
  • Termininator (multi-window terminal)
  • Jedit Editor
  • Gphpeditor
  • Abiword
  • Wifi-support & Wifi Tools
  • T.V. Capture card software & tools
  • Blender, Yafray and Inkscape vector based editors
  • Qemulator, Qemu Virtualization tools
  • Yakuake Terminal
  • DeVeDe Dvd movie creator
  • Lemonrip dvd ripper
  • Isomaster
  • Brasero
  • Kmymoney2
  • Gnucash
  • Ktorrent
  • DVD Styler
  • ManDVD
  • 5a293119b11d

  • Avant Window Navigator & PPA repo driven
  • Actioncube
  • Gridwars
  • Banshee – media player
  • Lives – Movie editor
  • Gourmet – Recipe Manager
  • Anjuta – IDE
  • Bluefish editor
  • Glade 3 – Programming GTK
  • Quanta Plus – HTML editor
  • BUM – Boot-up Manager
  • Acetone – ISO Editor
  • Start up manager
  • Sysinfo
  • Ubuntu Restricted Extras and Multimedia Codecs
  • Media Players and Editors
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Additional fonts, MS fonts, and Red Hat Liberation fonts
  • Additional archiving tools (rar, unrar, ace, and 7zip, etc.)
  • Skype
  • Google Earth
  • DVD Ripping software
  • Codecs and Plugins (some unacceptable for use in the US and will prompt you.)
  • Google Picasa
  • Wine & Wine doors
  • NON-FREE w32codecs and DVD codecs (you make this decision)
  • Nautilus Scripts (many scripts written by me)
  • SUN JAVA 1.6 JRE and JDK as per your agreement
  • OpenOffice Clipart
  • CheckGmail
  • xDVDshrink
  • Songbird
  • Developer Essentials
  • Microsoft Office OpenXML Translator
  • RTCW: Enemy Territory
  • Americas Army Game
  • Alien Arena 2007 Game
  • Amoebax Game
  • AssaultCube Game
  • ATanks Game
  • Legends Game
  • Sauerbraten Game
  • Frostwire
  • Atanks Game
  • Totem-Xine
  • Fspot
  • Kino
  • DeVeDe
  • Extra Fonts
  • Nexuiz
  • Glest
  • Tremulous
  • Wesnoth
  • Open Arena
  • Warsow
  • Boswars
  • Vdrift
  • BzFlag
  • Screenlets
  • Gdesklets
  • Ubuntu Tweak
  • Amarok 2 Neon (alpha)
  • More to follow
  • Orbital Sniper
  • Chess Games
  • Neverball
  • Urban Terror
  • Vegastrike
  • Tile Racer
  • Scorched 3D
  • FooBillard
  • Wormux
  • World Of Padman (WOP)
  • Frozen Bubble
  • Flightgear
  • Freecol
  • Globulation 2
  • Adobe flash player 10 and works in 64bit…
  • Pingus Game
  • UFO: AI
  • Warzone 2100
  • Dark Oberon
  • Firefox Mplayer Plugin
  • NTFS Read / Write Support
  • K9 Copy
  • AMSN Chat Client
  • Pidgin
  • KVirc
  • Extra Themes
  • Chromium
  • Dragon Player
  • Amarok
  • Transmission torrent client
  • VLC Media player
  • DVD Styler
  • ManDVD
  • Actioncube
  • Banshee – Media player
  • Anjuta – IDE
  • Bluefish editor
  • Glade 3 – Programming GTK
  • Quanta Plus – HTML editor
  • Screem – HTML editor
  • Firestarter – Firewall
  • BUM – Boot-up Manager
  • KDE 3 Environment (Experimental)
  • XUbuntu Environment (Experimental)
  • Edubuntu Environment (Experimental)
  • Ubuntu Studio Environment (Experimental)

    I look forward to your input.  See you on the forums.


Ultamatix 1.8.0-3 Screencasts

    Older Screenshots & Screencasts:Sorry for the poor quality, bottom one was recorded at 1680 X 1050, this will really tax a computer 4 cores or not, actually it is harder on the video cards then the processors.


Ultamatix in action

High Resolution screencast.

Ultamatix in action

High Resolution screencast.

Ultamatix 1.8.0-3 Screenshots


Ultamatix Initial screen Ultamatix Splash

Software Installation:

Ultamatix Games Selection Ultamatix Urban Terror Installation Ultamatix Warsow Installation


Ultamatix Uninstall Ultamatix Un-install 1 Ultamatix Un-install 2

Environments (Experimental):

Ultamatix KDE Environment Ultamatix XFCE


Release Name: Ultamatix
Version: 1.9.2
Architecture: x86 / x64
Filesize: 2.2 MB (2,266,444 bytes)
MD5SUM: 6000fa0b0d4a5f841ed1c961b1dd7f25


Release Name: Ultamatix 1.9.2 (source)


    You can also install it as well as many other applications / games using our repository.  A special thanks to goes to my admin, mods & beta testers for putting up with me and assisting in beta testing.